Seasonal VIP Information

April 20, 2017

We still have a little snow in the 200's and in the 60's, but we are going to attempt to put the water on starting Monday the 24th.  This is late this year because of the April 1st storm.  PLEASE no one go into your camper until the 28th, if you are eligible.  When we put the water on we need to watch the meters to determine if we have leaks.  If you hook up your water lines before the 28th we won't be able to monitor the lines correctly. Leaks cause low pressure.  So, here is keeping our fingers crossed that all will go smoothly for opening.

March 20, 2017

Hi folks,

Well, we had a big snow storm last week, but the sun seems to be melting it now.  So, let's hope that was the last storm.

Checking the calendar I realized that May 1st comes on a Monday this year.  And I know you all are chomping at the bit to get your campers open and have a campfire.  So, if the weather holds, we are planning on opening early for paid up site holders as we did last season.  So, anyone who has the site fee paid in full as of APRIL 15TH will be able to come in to start camping on Friday April 28th.  Camping will be available to all others May 1st.  So, the only people entering the campground before May 1st are those with paid up accounts. 

This year there will be a fee for parking  travel trailers or utility trailers in the upper parking lot at Rt.106.  You should see Casey to pay the fee and get a permit.  Any trailer without a permit sticker will be towed from the property.

Looking forward to opening - Cascade staff

April 4, 2017

We got 10 inches of snow on Sunday, but we are having rain today, so hopefully it mostly melts by the end of the week.  Remember we are heavily treed, so the sun doesn't get in to melt the snow in all parts of the campground at the same time. And then when the snow melts we have to wait until the mud dries up on the roads before we can travel them without doing damage.  So, at this time it looks like we won't get into the campground to work until close to the 15th of April.  Therefore, if you are planning on coming in to the campground to check your campers, please do so before the 15th.  After that we will be working 7 long days a week to finish projects that were started in the fall in preparation of opening weekend.  AND AS ALWAYS YOU MUST WALK IN BEFORE OPENING DAY.  Thanks to everyone for your cooperation.  Casey doesn't want anyone hurt from equipment traveling fast and not seeing people, dogs and kids walking while he is under the gun to get his projects finished.                   Will post again next Monday to keep you informed.        JoAnn