Seasonal VIP Information

April 9, 2018

Hello everyone.  I realize many of you are eager to begin your camping season but after the virtual parade of people that were in yesterday I need to remind you all that the campground does not open until May1.  If you have paid your site fee in full you may come in April 27 but that's the earliest you can come in to work on your site.  Please, please respect this timeline, it is for your benefit.  We have so much work to do and so little time to get it done.  You all want your maintenance requests attended to but we can't get these things done and watch out for people wandering around.  We are dropping trees, working with large equipment, checking for water leaks, digging deep ditches, all which could be a hazard to people we weren't aware would be in the vicinity.  JoAnn almost ran someone over yesterday with a piece of equipment.  As you can imagine, this did not make her happy!  We understand your excitement to start your summer but you need to understand that the rules we ask you to follow have a good reason.  Please don't make us resort to changing opening day to May 15 so we can get our work done.   Thank you for your cooperation.  Cori