Seasonal VIP Information

January 10, 2019

Hi.  Hope everyone is healthy and enjoying their winter homes.  So far there's not much snow in the campground and no shoveling of roofs has been necessary.  There is, however, a lot of ice so if you are planning to come in to check your camper you might want to bring ski poles or walking sticks to aid your descent down the hills.   

Please remember to contact me via email if your circumstances change over the winter and you plan to pull off your site.  Whatever paperwork I can get done before we open is helpful.  Also, we still plan to allow people whose site fees are paid in full to open their campers beginning April 26 weather permitting.  Any changes to this schedule will be noted here and posted to Facebook.

Casey's second daughter, Riley, was born October 17 and after a brief struggle with jaundice is healthy and happy.Cori

Enjoy the rest of your winter.  Cori